Underfloor Heating

Why Underfloor Heating ? 

There are two types of underfloor heating - electric and water. Here at GDC we can help you to decide which is the best and most cost efficient system for you and your property. The great advantage of underfloor heating is that it emits a radiant heat which is comfortable at a lower temperature than a traditional convection heating system. This all translates into fuel savings. Using underfloor heating as opposed to a conventional system can generate savings of up to 20% on domestic fuel bills and a massive saving of up to 50% for larger commercial properties. 

As underfloor heating uses radiant heat as opposed to convection it doesn't dry the air as much as conventional heating so it provides a more pleasant form of heating. 

Here at GDC we are expert in the installation of underfloor heating systems and we supply underfloor heating systems to properties in and around the York area. For more information about underfloor heating call us now on +44(0) 7944 180 488 or email us at info@gdc-heating.co.uk

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